Teacher Librarian and Classroom Teacher Collaboration with Guest host Erin Bugarcic

October 23, 2018

Join us as we discuss the role of the school librarian in terms of collaboration and co-teaching with classroom teachers, and the effect those collaborations have on student achievement.  Our host Erin Bugarcic interviews school librarian Angela Wojtecki and chemistry teacher Kelly Nyzen to get a glimpse into their successful collaborations and feelings on the topic.

For a deeper understanding of today's discussion, please take a look at the following journal articles.

Keegan, N. (2013). Socratic Seminar and Creating Prior Knowledge. Library Media Connection, 32(3), 50–51. 

Loertscher, D.V., & Koechlin, C. (2015). Finland, Collaboration and Co-teaching. Teacher Librarian, 42(3), 56-57



Building Student Relationships with NHS Guidance Counselor and PTSA Educator of the Year Mrs. Emily Rion

March 30, 2018

In this episode we speak with Emily Rion, current 10th grade Guidance Counselor and 2018 Nordonia Hills City Schools PTSA Educator of the Year. Join us we discuss how her role has changed over the last few years with more technology, and her ideas for ways to build relationships with students and families. It is clear thay Mrs. Rion leads with compassion and positivity to help her students thrive throughout their high school careers and beyond! Emily would like to thank all the administration and staff of Nordonia! She feels truly blessed to work with such compassionate and caring educators. Emily feels proud to work and collaborate everyday with such a dynamic team. 


Makerspaces and More with Katie Patterson, Northfield Elem. Teacher

March 4, 2018

This episode features Katie Patterson, Kindergarten teacher at Northfield Elementary. Listen and learn as she discusses some new innovative and collaborative spaces being added at Northfield this year. She will discuss what a makerspace is, an upcoming collaboration with Camp Invention, and the creative idea of STEAM boxes. Creation, imagination, and innovation is the theme in this episode with our special guest Miss Patterson! 


New Visions in Education: Starting with Learning Spaces with Nordonia’s Business Director Matt Gaugler

January 28, 2018

This episode we interview Mr. Matt Gaugler, Nordonia's Business Director. Join us as he discusses his overall role in the district and his vision for creating more hands-on, flexible, and teacher/student-driven learning spaces. Also we discuss how reaching out to the community can help increase district relationships and also positively impact our students. 


Transforming Teaching and Engaging Learners with Mrs. Dawn Monroe, 6th Grade Teacher

January 6, 2018

Looking for ways to increase student achievement with engaging and motivating activities? Want to learn about how to integrate flexible seating in your classroom? This episode has many ideas from 6th grade Lee Eaton teacher, Mrs. Dawn Monroe. Join us as we discuss some concrete examples and suggestions on ways to grow as a teacher, and increase student drive through technology integration. Dawn also discusses with us the keys to thinking differently about our role as educators. 


Power of Podcasts with High School History Teacher, Nate Loman

October 29, 2017

This episode dives into a few topics including the power of podcasts in education. Listen as we share some examples of podcasts teachers should know about and try, as well as suggestions from our guest on examples of ways to be more flexible in the classroom and grow as an educator in order to help students be successful after high school. 


Successful Teaching Tips with High School Science Teacher Aaron Coleman

October 15, 2017

Join us this episode as we talk to high school science teacher Aaron Coleman about her previous career as an animal behaviorist. Her previous career with training animals such as killer whales and dolphins has led her to some interesting and valuable teaching advice and insight. She also has some advice for new teachers regarding what to focus on, and for veteran teachers, how to keep growing and becoming a leader in our school communities. This is an episode we all need to check out! 


Talking Tech with Mr. Mike Russ

September 24, 2017

Join us as we talk to Nordonia Hills City School District's Technology Director, Mike Russ. Mike started with Nordonia last April and has many exciting plans for this school year. Hear about what his team has been working on and his vision for our future educational techology in Nordonia.  


Andy Matlack, Nordonia Middle School PLTW Educator

May 30, 2017

Andy Matlack is a Project Lead the Way (PLTW) teacher at Nordonia Middle School. In this podcast episode he talks about how his teaching has changed as a result of his training with PLTW and also his ideas for the future of his classroom, which fosters critical thinking and problem-based learning. 


Mr. Rob Schrembeck, Principal, Lee Eaton Elem. School

April 17, 2017

On today’s first-ever pilot episode we will be speaking with Mr. Rob Schrembeck, Principal at Lee Eaton Elementary-which is our 5th and 6th grade school building. Rob has been instrumental in helping lead his teachers into creating and fostering a classroom environment which is highly engaging for all students. Please listen and join us on our episode one!