Nordonia Innovators

Teacher Librarian and Classroom Teacher Collaboration with Guest host Erin Bugarcic

October 23, 2018

Join us as we discuss the role of the school librarian in terms of collaboration and co-teaching with classroom teachers, and the effect those collaborations have on student achievement.  Our host Erin Bugarcic interviews school librarian Angela Wojtecki and chemistry teacher Kelly Nyzen to get a glimpse into their successful collaborations and feelings on the topic.

For a deeper understanding of today's discussion, please take a look at the following journal articles.

Keegan, N. (2013). Socratic Seminar and Creating Prior Knowledge. Library Media Connection, 32(3), 50–51. 

Loertscher, D.V., & Koechlin, C. (2015). Finland, Collaboration and Co-teaching. Teacher Librarian, 42(3), 56-57


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